Mastering paradigms with Paradigms Master Pro

Mastering Greek and Hebrew paradigms with Pardigms Master Bro

Using PMP you can master paradigms that you had almost forgotten!

Students of theology spend quite a lot of time learning and reading Greek and Hebrew. But as with most other skills, one must maintain them. Otherwise they are lost – gone into the land of forgetfulness.

But whether they are already gone, or whether one just wishes to prevent their going, there is much help to be found in the program “Paradigms Master Pro” (PMP).

PMP has been developed by the computational linguist, Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen, PhD, who has also written another brilliant program, namely Linguistic Tree Constructor. It is also Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen who has developed Emdros.

What can PMP do? PMP is an exercise program in which you get feedback right away.

From a comprehensive database, a quiz is constructed with a set of questions. The user can choose among a very large number of quizzes, with about 11-12 times as many forms on average. See the Features for an overview. In the upcoming version, which I have been allowed to test, the number of Hebrew quizzes has especially been increased.

What makes PMP better than other exercise programs? Firstly, the data which are being used are very accurate, thanks to Ulrik Sandborg-Petersen and teol.dr. Nicolai Winther-Nielsen. Nicolai Winther-Nielsen is an expert in the Hebrew language.

Secondly, one can choose between, on the one hand, multiple choice questions, where one must choose one of the answers, and on the other hand, questions where one must specify the morphological categories using radio buttons. One can limit the number of of questions, if one so desires. Multiple choice sounds easy, but the words are shown without any context, so that one is, in fact, forced to use one’s knowledge – or obtain the necessary knowledge – in order to be able to answer correctly. For of course one does not just guess at random! When one has chosen one’s answer, feedback is given. As it can be seen, the form is repeated, and the form is specified. In this way, the program helps the user to remember all the linguistic data eventually.

Personally, and thirdly, I do like the design. It is simple, but effective and fast.

Fourthly, the price of 20 US Dollars is very reasonable, compared to the quality. It is, after all, not more than a couple of cinema tickets.

Windows and Mac are supported. Finally, there is a trial version, so that you can take a closer look at the program. It doesn’t have as many quizzes and forms, but it does have enough that you can evaluate whether it is worth 20 Dollars.

I recommend Paradigms Master Pro! It is worth the money!

Buy a license (or download the trial version) at the program’s website: Paradigms Master Pro

Update: The version which I was allowed to review, has been released as version 1.4.0, but in a greatly expanded form, since it now has about 2000 Greek forms, and slightly less than 1900 Hebrew forms in the database.